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April 19, 2005



Sure Rove is the captain of the ship, but don't discount the role of the mega corporations, which own and control the media - and thus the message.

IF they had wanted to stop bush cold in 2000, all they had to do was to give EQUAL WEIGHT to the plethora of damaging facts about his past. If they had wanted to stop him in 2004, all they had to do was to give EQUAL WEIGHT in reporting the truth about the first four years. Rove's "genius" only works so well because they LET it. By choosing what to censor and what to sensationalize they control enough of the majority of people to direct the outcome.

The "whorish journalists" are not working in a vaccum - they are merely tools in advancing the agenda of the "suits" upstairs in the corporate media.

Corporations only care about the bottom line: Which candidate will get them more dollars/help to advance their own agenda? OK then, he's our man - now lets help Rove get him in the Whitehouse.


Like Carolyn says, don't ignore the other players.

Sure, Rove is the Ring master of this twisted circus, but don't loose sight of the other guilty parties who enaballed Bush's Presidency.
Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld learned all their tricks from the master, Tricky Dick himself (who learned from Sen. McCarthy, ew!) when Rumsfeld worked in his cabinet, and Cheney was brought in to work in Ford's. Since then, they have been orchestrating a patient, well timed take over. All the same people are connected to some of the bigest scandals in 35 years, and yet they're more powerful than ever.


Bravo! PM Carpenter's "12-step Talking Points" vs Karl Rove, the evil Republican Propaganda meister, and subject of the book "Bush's Brain", from which Carpenter's "12 Steps" are distilled.

IF you want a further distillation of how Gore and Kerry LOST their elections (despite actually "winning" their elections, at that), the operative word is "ATTACK!" or "your campaign MUST BE CONFRONTATIONAL." An exception to rule #1. ("use surrogates to make your attacks") would have been George W. Bush's relentless use of the term "FLIP-FLOPPER" against John Kerry, as in "My opponent is a FLIP-FLOPPER." Indeed, in the Maimi debate (debate #1 or #2), Bush all but called Kerry a LIAR: when asked by Kerry why he hadn't made good on his "catch Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive" pledge, and specifically Bush's comments that "he wasn't concerned about bin Laden", Bush looked directly into the camera and said "I never said that... my opponent is E_X_A_G_G_E_R_A_T_I_N_G."

Of course, Bush HAD said exactly that: in an Oct. 2003 WH press conference, in response to a reporter's question, bush leaned on the podium and said "You know, I'm really not that concerned about bin Laden anymore.. he doesn't concern me that much anymore." made a (TV-video) ad showing bush sneering denial in the debate, followed by his own comments from the earlier press conference. IF the Kerry campaign had run that ad in EVERY critical market, along with video of Bush prattling to his big-bucks $$ donors "some people call you the elite.. I call you my base" moments before snickering "I guess I won the trifecta!" because the 9-11 attacks gave him an excuse to break his "no deficit spending pledge," Kerry would have carried ANOTHER 10% of the electorate.

For his part, Al Gore REFUSED to STAND UP for the Children in Texas KICKED OFF of health care, pre-school, and after-school programs. It is easy to understand why Gore DISTANCED himself from the young and vulnerable TARGETTED by BUSH'S budget slashings: Gore did not want to appear to be GIVING MONEY AWAY TO MINORITIES. OK.. so HOW HARD WOULD IT BE TO FIND SOME WHITE KIDS who had suffered from Bush's Texas budget cuts, and ask THEM what they felt about Bush giving huge tax breaks to wealthy corporations?

Clinton won in '92 when his WAR ROOM would REBUT Bush-Republican ATTACK ADS within hours of their being aired. Truman won in '48 by taking on the Republican Party, and NOT shying away from the Segregationist Southern Dixiecrats. But Gore and Kerry think that the way to WIN is to STAND FOR NOTHING.. to let BULLY BUSH beat up on the most vulnerable children, seniors, and disenfranchised voters in society.


If you want to thwart the Republican Party then look to the companies who donate to them or stand by and do nothing
while the Republicans destroy people's lives.

Tell THEM you want an increase to the minimum wage.

Tell THEM to stop social security piratization and instead lift the limit of taxable income for the FICA tax which will keep social security solvent.

Tell THEM you want to repeal the faulty prescription drug law and replace it with a real prescription drug benefit that covers 80 percent of medication cost.

Tell THEM you remain outraged about the 2004 stolen election in Ohio.

They put the Republicans into office. Tell THEM what you want and boycott THEM until you get what you want. Join together and use the power of your purchases to get what you want in congress.

Stop complaining and do something.

Please pass this onto as many other people as you can especially on forums where independents can read.

Also put the url on index cards and leave them in your libraries, supermarkets and post office bulletin boards.

How can the people force a mean spirited conservative congress to pass a progressive agenda? Simple. I have picked some well known companies that appear related to issues that progressives find important. Boycott these companies and make them lobby congress and get what we want or they go bust. While I agree we need to elect a Democratic congress and a Democratic president, with a consumer boycott we the people can exert influence every single day and not just at election time and not just with letters or petitions but with petitions with the bite of a boycott.

Join the revolution for progressive legislation

Write this url on your one, five and ten dollar bills.

Call Eckerd Pharmacy Corporate Headquarters at 800 325 3737, Call CVS Pharmacy Corporate headquarters at 888 607 4287 and Call Walgreens Pharmacy Corporate headquarters at 800 289 2273 and tell them you will not purchase any products from their drug stores until they get the Republican congress to repeal the faulty prescription drug benefit and replace it with a simple 80 percent coverage benefit under Medicare Part B. Then sign the petition.

Call Walmart at 800 WALMART and tell them you will not buy from them until they get the Republican congress to stop social security privatization, increase the minimum wage to TEN dollars an hour, and extend unemployment insurance for people who lost jobs and sought work for more than 6 months. then sign the petition.

Sign the petition to stop social security privatization, increase the minimum wage,extend unemployment insurance for people who lost jobs and sought work for more than 6 months and repeal the faulty Republican prescription drug benefit and replace it with a simple 80 percent coverage of medication under Medicare Part B. Please get two other people to sign this petition.

Sign the petition to stop the War and Occupation in Iraq

Boycott Wendy's Restaurants and Outback Steakhouses.

Why you say? Wendy's Restaurants operate out of Dublin, OHIO and Outback Steakhouses operate out of FLORIDA. Now you see. I have picked two well known companies that operate out of the states that have brought us stolen elections by the immoral Republican Party. These companies operate restaurant chains that have restaurants around the United States.

Now why boycott them after the effort to overturn Bush's second stolen election has failed? Boycott them, call them, email them and tell them that we will not go to their restaurants until Ohio and Florida elects democrats to Governorships, Secretaries of state and majorities in their legislatures in Ohio and Florida. In other words we will punish them for allowing the stolen elections to happen in 2000 and 2004. Will it work? Well do it and see.

I had a petition to demand a revote in Ohio and Florida at

but now I use it to allow people to express their opinions on the 2004 and 2000 stolen elections and encourage them to boycott Wendy's and Outback Steakhouse, 2 famously Republican contributors.

Thank you.

Also visit these fine websites


Friggin great post. Wish Harry Reid would read it.


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