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May 24, 2005



Can't consider this a "win" until Diebold, etc. are called to account for their shameless manipulation of votes. A majority voting means nothing if their votes are tinkered with. Nevada provides the clearest example of manipulation -- it's a blue state for sure, the two biggest counties are Dem, AND opposed to Yucca Mountain, but despite this, Nevada went "red" because of CHEATING. Until and unless that practice is cut off at the pass, we are DOOMED.

We'll see if the theocrats get their way in 2006 and finally elimanate all opposition. Remember, these people aren't politicians, they aren't here to govern. They want to RULE.

Kid Charlemagne

Half the problem is what Marblex said. The other half is that so many of our fellow citizens could not be bothered to get off their sorry, lazy @$$es and vote. The wider the gap between the real winner and the real loser, the harder it is for the real loser to cheat and win without it becoming obvious enough to wake up even the sheeple--so the cheating tactics can only be effective in close elections.

From the Phantom Zone, Kid Charlemagne


Another dangerous trait is that these people KNOW that they have the One True Economic-pol itical philosophy (completely unrestrained capitalism) and the One True Religion( evangelical Christianity or Roman Catholicism, depending on background) Therefor nothing threatens them as much as democracy. Democracy is messy and these poeple need closely controled public order so that the uncontrolled greed and thievery stay hidden.Be afraid. Be very afraid. They don't want to win elections. They want a police state.


Which leads us to the unsettling possibility: Bush's popularity in the polls is low and we remember what happened the last time it was low don't we?


I believe that it is too late for the American people. Your country has sanctioned rape, torture and murder without any real complaints from its own people. All this done in the name of democracy and God. I thought the teachings of religion were to love your neighbor, not rape them. The American public reminds me of the jury of the Rodney King case, once they see enough bloodshed, they grow accustomed to it and some even condone it. Your media conveniently neglects reporting the horrors of war and seeks to make heroes of the soldiers. How can the American people call themselves followers of Christ while condoning the very opposite of his teachings? It is far too late for the American people. The United States has started down a path from which there is no return and they wish to extend their slaughter to the rest of the world. May God have mercy in all of your souls.


These evildoers are real. I concur with the fact that Diebold, es&s, Triad need to be done away with or we will see the third straight presidential coup de tat. People need to realize the Democrats have been winning, Bush has never really won, its just that the results are being vote count manipulated, ie "Stolen Elections." In the words of the right-wing fascist dictator josef stalin, "he who casts a vote counts for nothing, he who counts the vote counts for everything." We are being disenfranchised by republican owned vote machine/vote counting companies. This is the outright undermining of our system of government. This is a total conflict of interest and ought to be done away with forthwith. Furthermore, its naturally sickening to see this right-wing brainwashing machine using sophisticated covert advertising techniques to influence there own base and Military tactics/strategems which have been highly refined over the last hundred years far exceeding mere pyshchological operations but the conducting of "MINDWAR" on the unsuspecting sheeple of the world. I hate to say this but it may already be too late. They just need one more Staged terror event, another 911 if you know what I am talking about, and it could happen at any moment... NWO


I'm afraid grass-roots efforts to reintroduce democracy in the US might be too little too late. Political organizations, election officials, voting-machine companies, and basically all the mass media are controlled by right wing people of more or less fanatical persuasion.
And behind them is all the financial and doctrinal power of all the big multinational corporations in the US.

After their attack on the judiciary is completed, there's only the few independant media left to keep the American public informed of the Truth. Already we see attacks on journalists and lawyers. It only takes a few staged terrorist attacks to introduce dictatorship in the US. One to further destroy opposition groups, incite hatred, and gain control of the media, and another one to invoke a state of emergency, the draft and martial law.

This is not hypothetical. As long as there are insane people in the white house, it's as real as the air you breathe.

Alan Charles

I agree with Marblex and Kid Charlemagne that until we can wrest control of how the votes are counted away from companies like Diebold, we will never see another Democrat president.

Republicans continue proving they are more than willing to do whatever they feel necessary to keep control. They don't want to work with anyone in a bipartisan way. They want to RULE!


People also need to wake up to the fact that Israel is shamelessly manipulating U.S. foreign policy. Ariel Sharon & his cohorts don't care what happens to U.S. soldiers or to U.S. taxpayers who give away so much of their paychecks to carry out Israel's war-mongering. And if anyeone questions them about their actions, all they have to do is fall back on the old "you must be anti-Semitic!!!" false-indignation routine.


sounds trite but I think it's true-ONLY when/if? the mainstream whoring press turns itself around and STOPS ASS LICKING this administration and it's fanatical related groups will this 'change' have some air to breathe and grow. Democratic values describe the MAJORITY of AMERICANS-it's the MEGAPHONE of the press and its corporate plantation masters that have put a gag order on wide and consistent reporting of this FACT. Now the mainstream is competing with Bloggers and net sites because The People are not getting any REAL, HARD NEWS either domestically nor with respect to America's "excellent" foreign adventures.
We have military insiders (as of today's revelations-of course, denied)feeding photos to the press of Saddam in his undies...why? to incite even MORE uprisings than what is already going on?! Bush & Co are angling for another big fighting episode so they can justify their continuing presence in the WH-when they are not starting a war they are VULNERABLE to be being stripped of their power. The scenario is so obvious and the polls show today that Americans are utterly sick of all of them. Great! Now, what do WE THE PEOPLE DO ABOUT THAT? Protest for Impeachment? Keep writing our representatives? It is time the Presstitutes step up to the plate and push this tide of 'change' to shore.

Clem Cadiddlehopper

"May God have mercy in all of your souls."

Oh, earp! Who died and made you God? It's sanctimonious greater-than-thou self-appointed saints like you who make me really sick. Get thee to a nunnery!


Clem, he's right, and like you prove it.


you are still expecting to get back congress in 2006. dream on. these guys don't care what you think or say. they will do what they want to do. they probably will not even care if a civil war erupts in this country. and you think there will be a presidential election in 2008!


could funds be found to run parallel voting booths that use the tried and trusted paper voting system. If everone voting by electronic machines were able to register this second way at the same time they voted then any discrepancies would be highlighted for all to see. Even if repugs did not take part the fact that a paper trail for Democratic votes existed would lend gravitas to any accusations of wrongdoing on the part of the "owners" of voting machines. Just a thought.


Clem is right. SP was being rather sanctimonious. As an American, I'd like to thank him for asking God to grant us mercy. How very generous. His energy is being wasted on the wrong audience.


SP-I don't know where you live but you sound just a little too gleeful when you say that it's too late for American people & we're on the path of no return. Have you seen US polls lately? The president & the Republicans are losing ground fast. The polls show that the majority no longer back Bush's War. Please don't lump us all together as "Americans". We aren't all Bush's cattle.


Audrey. What us outsiders fear, is that you will not be allowed to vote them out. And do be careful who you talk to, or you may find yourself sent off to Egypt for questioning.


"could funds be found to run parallel voting booths..."

I think it's called "Exit Polling", works everywhere except here... hmmmm.

Art Durand AKA Whitebear

It's going to be close, so, so close. A time for heroes to arise.
In the words of the old ones:
"Hoka-hey, cowards to the rear, brave men follow me. Remember the childdren and the helpless ones in the camp. It's a good day to die!"
Keep speaking out, keep standing up, if we are sent to the camps at least we will be living (or dying) with a better sort of people.

Ely Witney

Not sure what all the fuss is about.... Where is the indepth investigations surrounding 9-11? I think you all need a bit more than we think they did it and they have been p!$$ing us off long enough so now lets get em!! When has there been a time when the USA has not been fighting for their particular style of freedom on behalf of the almighty dollar? Why is it that we now know that the Government of the USA contrived the documents to force a war with Iraq there is no pubic uprising and impeachment proceedings? Why is it just recently that Joe and Joesephine American is now worried about what the world thinks of them when it is becoming all to apearant that when the president and his thugs are through with their agenda the world will be taught how to appreciate the USA? So what a few tortures, rapes, atrocities are being conducted on behalf of the call to arms The War on Terror? Who cares about victims and their families that are oceans away as it is almost indoctrinated into the modern mindset of the new american that a standard thought is NIMBY? So why all the fuss... your government is looking out for you so that you can enjoy what is really important in this ife...celebrating the new hero and conscience of America..... the latest American Idol..LMAO....

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