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October 18, 2006



Oh yes, the white men quaking behind their guns and zipping through their stockpile of adult diapers took the "threat" seriously. Them darkies (this time Mexicans and "towelheads") aren't gonna be able to sneak up on their backwoods hovels! By gum and George W!


Now you sound the warning bell? Where were you when this was still being debated in Congress?

I posted three dailykos diaries before this bill passed, and warned of the consequences and loss of our freedom under a fascist neocon government. Hardly anyone was interested in hearing about it. Some even dismissed me as an alarmist, as if I were some kind of Chicken Little. Isn't that Rove's job?

If more bloggers and especially the MSM would have written about the dangers of this bill a month ago, then perhaps we could have stopped it from becoming law.

Now we only have ourselves to blame when they come for us in the middle of the night.

Obviously, this new "Enabling Act" is clearly unconstitutional. But who will fight against it in the courts if we are all being held as enemy combatants in Halliburton built concentration camps?

Look for the first unlawful enemy combatants to be declared by Bush during the demonstrations in D.C., right after the upcoming stolen election.

Jay Randal

All of the GOP hypocrites in Washington, DC, must be OUTED or exposed for corruption > who cares how nasty it gets doing it!


This is the fulfillment of 2 thessalonians

2 Thessalonians 2:5-8
- 5 Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?
- 6 And now ye know what withholdeth (The Constitution) that he might be revealed in his time.
- 7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who (THAT WHICH) now restrains will restrain (The Constitution), until he (IT) be taken out of the way.
- 8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

If you do not believe it - JUST WATCH!

For the Christian, it is time to pray you are worthy to escape that which is to come upon ALL the earth. Mystery Babylon is AMERICA. Your country has died. Yes, G.W. Bush is probably one of the few Christians actually fulfilling God's purpose, as he is the Lawless One (how many laws are we up to now, 750 was it?) spoken of in the bible, setting us up for global gov't (NWO) that was attempted by Nimrod... The BEAST (gov't) with the mortal head wound lives...NAZISM...and the world marvels. Things ARE NOT as they seem. Wake up from the Matrix, and ask God to show you -- through his eyes -- what is REALLY occurring.

D-L Nelson

I said the same thing on my blog under R.I.P. USA.

My country is dead.

D-L Nelson

My blog is

It is not too late to fight this.
Write every congressman that voted for it.


We can scream NAZI FASCIST PIGS, and it will accomplish nothing. The Military Commissions Act was made possible by the apathy and ignorance of the American people. Walk into any bar, restaurant, store, sport stadium, and ask 10 people if they know what the MCA is. Nine of them have no idea.

We need to educate - stimulate discussion.

Here's a simple idea. Make a placard for your car window. Make a sticky badge to wear on your shirt. Post a yard sign. They all say just one thing: 10/17/06

Let the sheeple ask YOU what the date means. Don't shout - discuss. Have a downloaded copy of the MCA with you at all times. Yellow highlight its most egregious provisions. Ask the sheeple if they'll be comfortable with Hillary Clinton or John Edwards or Russ Feingold or whoever having the sole authority to decide if their actions or stated opinions or charitable donations give support to our nation's enemies.

(P.S. Don't call them "sheeple" to their faces.)


Thanks for the article. Your outrage was very well expressed.

I agree with Zee though. We acted on this much too late. As soon as were had a notion this was going to be on the calendar in congress we should have started mobilizing our forces. What happened? I only heard about this after the house and senate passed it, and I am usually up on the news.

Yesterday I was handing out a flyer with a similar screed to the one above. My headline was "Goodbye America, Hello Nazi Germany". We are at that stage folks. The next incident they manufacture could be the excuse they need to haul us away. It's looking very dark indeed.

I do know however that many lawyers and law groups are working to appeal this new Enabling Act. See ACLU and Amnesty International websites for more info. Please support their efforts to get this horrible piece of legislation repeal.


This sort of thing is exactly why each and every American needs to own a gun. Before any dictator has rounded up a large part of their populace, they have disarmed them.

"Live Free or Die"


This sort of thing is exactly why each and every American needs to own a gun. Before any dictator has rounded up a large part of their populace, they have disarmed them.

"Live Free or Die"


Everyone go buy a gun, get trained on your guns and stock up on ammo.
This is our defense and right.


And see more school shootings. Good call.


this law is to silence the 9/11 conspiracy


Bravo--Kevin Schmitt!

So many times this happens--we hear about these bills days, not months before they are to be voted on.
Next up--the Security and Prosperity Act I believe is the name of it, to further erode our borders and sovereignty.....

Ever hear of Codex Alimentarius--although it's being fought, it will take away our rights to buy vitamins and other health productsunless they are PRESCRIBED. (and at that, they will be so watered down as to be ineffectual) To benefit the almighty pharmaceutical cabal.

Vic Anderson

Thought heard round the world for Our NOT Heard Round The World:

Torture ... NOT!

Habeas corpus suspension ... NOT!

Ex post facto exoneration ... NOT!

Unwarranted search and seizure (wiretap and sneak/peek) ... NOT!



You fucking tool, the USA is 476 years old.

Chris Cheng Swiss

I saw 9/11 coming - and the rest
was domino effect...NWO!!! Nobo-
dy ever cared; what's important?
Job, career, sports, routine mob-
bing up and downwards to get by
comfortably...humans deserve no
better! They are like sheep, I
fully understand the ILLUMINATI,
treat them like cattle, apples,
bricks or just shit - the egoists
deserve no better. Greedy, stupid
egoistic humans - we all go to
hell together, hypocriptic slime!

Chris Cheng Swiss

Satan - King of the world and
his willing fullfillers!!! And
we are all brother vs brothers,
sister vs sisters - we're all
enemies against us, competition
rules our daily routine we'll
never be united and strong to
defend our freedom...ha ha ha!!!
Now it's too late we're going
to be cooked!


On Sept. 20, 2001, bush told Americans that "terrorists hate our freedoms". Our freedom of speech, our freedom to elect our government, our freedom of religion, our freedom to DISAGREE.

Since that time, bush has single handedly (with a hand up from Congress of course) used his own WMD to eliminate our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

WMD= Watch Me Deceive

Rightie O

You fucking tool, the USA is 476 years old.

Posted by: Obsidian | October 19, 2006 at 04:44 AM

The country was formed in 1776. In 1976 the US celebrated its 200th birthday. It is now 2006. So we have 30 years (the time elapsed since 1976) plus 200 years, which equals 230 years, just like the initial blog entry said.

Now do you understand Obsidian? You should apologize for your utter ignorance and unwarranted arrogance. You should also take a good long look in the mirror when you feel compelled to call someone a FUCKING TOOL. You are probably thinking of yourself and projecting it onto others, as rightwingers are wont to do.


"You fucking tool, the USA is 476 years old."
-Posted by: Obsidian | October 19, 2006 at 04:44 AM

Yeah, and the Earth is 6000 yrs. old.
And god gives a fuck whether you get your girlfriend back, but lets little Iraqi children be blown to bits 'cause they're not Republicans.


Im Grunde genommen eine gute Geschichte, ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob dies auch ständig machbar bleibt!

Geld verdienen

Unglaublich! Das hätte ich gar nicht gedacht ;)

Spielautomaten Tricks

Eigentlich ein guter Kommentar, aber könnt ihr beim nächsten Mal ein bisschen ausführlicher schreiben? Das wäre echt genial :-)

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