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May 07, 2007



Romp this shill right out the door and down the road. Biggest phony of them all and a reactionary to boot. He evens carries water for the GOP on the TV show.

Helen Rainier

It should be noted, also, that Thompson is a "fellow" at the American Enterprise Institute. Electing him would insure the SSDD of the Bushies.

David G. Boyle

Let us not crow too loud, lest we wind up ingesting some measure of it. While true that those Repulicans who were not wing-nuts before entering the race are doing everything they can to become one now, let's face it; the Dems ain't exactly showing much to contrast themselves so as to appear sane by comparison. Everybody's trying not to lose, waiting for somebody else to screw up. The only people I saw showing a lack of a
Washington consultant on their staff were Kucinich and Gravel. They were also the only ones who made any sense. And because the Democrats have utterly failed to take the '06 election results any more seriously than the Republicans, an awful lot of people may simply say,"A pox on both your houses!" And either stay home or look for third party alternatives. I think it's REALLY that bad.


From now until the election, the MSM will bend its every effort towards convincing the American electorate that picking a President is the same as casting the role of President in a show.
And y' know what? They'll succeed!
They won't even bill for it.

Spelling Nazi

I think you meant "principal."


Thanks, Spelling Nazi, for catching that. There was a principle at stake.

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