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August 28, 2007



Yes PM, the bullshit never ends. When more of the same hasn't worked, the remedy is even more of the same. The lame brained individuals are drawn to such logic like flies to pig shit. It is truly depressing.


Fred doesn't need to worry. If he gets the Presidential candidate part, the Republican National Committee will supply the best writers, and all he'll have to do is memorise his lines. He can do that, he's an actor.
This all is just tryouts. But it never hurts to let 'em know you're available for the First Wingnut part.


Maybe he didn't run the speech past his wife. Mrs. Thompson, AKA, "likes to show her boobs a lot" is said to be in charge. If she was in charge of the wrong speech to the wrong people then it enforces the reports of this disastrous campaign's beginnings.


Fred's going for the stab-in-the-back approach to stupefying the base. I believe every word emitted by The Head is prefab House of Cheney.

"Us real Republicans, we're the salt of the earth, but it's those RINOs, those OTHER Republicans, that have betrayed us and led us down the path to ruin.

"Which ones? Wal, this old boy doesn't like to disrespect his colleages, the vast majority of who are folks just like you and me--but I'm sure you good folks know who-all I'm talkin' about, let me tell you. I just don't want to get into a lot of pointing fingers and laying blame like the Democrats have been doing. I'd much rather talk about YOU, the salt of the earth, our most precious resource, solid church-going taxpaying by-the-rules family-oriented patriotic fried-food State Fair Wonderful Ones. You're the best, you really are, let me tell you. (Did you see the butter cow video?)"

Fred Thompson is a political Elvis impersonator.

Whitman Wept

If Thompson is such a big fan of the Constitution, why did he vote to throw away Congress' power to declare war? Will he vow to close the Guantanamo torture center?

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