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October 08, 2007



It was never the intent of this administration to replace a functioning government with another.It's main goal was military presence and in that it has succeeded.As with Afghanistan,an American presence in an area deemed vital to the interests of the energy industry is all that was required.


Over? Nonsense! Just another major setback to be reframed and ignored.

I can hear it now...

"Reconciliation? We never said reconciliation. Our goal was to get all these groups in the same room and agree to disagree. You see? Mission accomplished."


Well let's see George's checklist for a moment here:

1. Afghanistan: Taliban, Osama bin Laden and Alqaida.... check
2. Iraq: sunni, shiite, kurds and oil.... check
3. Iran: waiting for approval to attack... oh what the hey, attack right now cuz they is develping a "nookular" bomb and use our "childrens" to attack them (not mine)...

I guess he's made it pretty clear he has his own agenda. Believe me, the only logical way is to impeach him and Cheney and We the People have the power to do so. Afterwards let's prosecute them for their criminal minds.

Vote for Ron Paul 2008 and restore The Constitution of our Beloved United States of America!!!

The Conservative Deflator

Excellent column. Your logic is right on - why are we still in Iraq? All of Bush's pathetic rationalizations have been shown to be bogus. We need to impeach this criminal immediately!

Jonn Lilyea

Logic? What logic? All I read here was emotive drivel.

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