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November 05, 2007


I'm with you right up to the last sentence.

I keep hearing that the Dems lack the courage of their convictions. The Democratic Leadership (Howard Dean notwithstanding) is every bit as interested in Government of, by and for the corporations as the Republicans are. Witness the proposed immigration law. Witness H1B visas (insourcing) and outsourcing, Witness the SECRET "FREE" TRADE DEAL, reported by Dave Sirota.Witness the lack of consumer protection against Gas Price Gouging. Witness the utter capitulation on Iraq war funding. Witness the support for the aggressive stance against Iran. Witness Hillary's pro-insurance health care reform.

No, my friend. It isn't meekness. The Democrats have sold out their natural constituencies and our democracy and have joined the rebublicans in turning the United States into a banana republic.

You know, I wish I could remember where I saw a breakdown of belief systems among the candidates for both the Democrats and the Replublicans.

It found that pretty much every candidate running for the top executive office is either an outright right-wing authoritarian, or leaning strongly that way.

I'm starting to think that any candidate who stands for actually acting for progressive values (instead of supplying rhetoric) can get elected in this climate, where campaign dollars rule. Everythign is compromize with that money, leaving anelected official beholden to everyone who gave them a dollar.

Plus, I am wondering if the very mentality that creates a need to be a political leader is actually, by the very nature of the desire, authoritarian and greedily self-serving, spouting variations of the same flag waving jingoism.

Based on this, I think we need a system that elects fearful politicians. People who know they walk a tightrope between intellectual and educational demand for progressive values, and an angry mob ready to guillotine their asses.

And seriously: real campaign reform.

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