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December 06, 2007


Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

Oh come now. The surge has been a huge success.

The surge was meant to accomplish one thing, and that it did. It was a PR stunt. It was an exercise in proving how pliable statistics can be.

And it was meant to prove how uplifting war can be.

Endless war, I certainly feel better. Just as long as I can continue to watch Katie Couric on NBC, I don't care how many countries the Bush Adminstration invades. If it's good for the American economy, then I say, "Bombs away!"

It kind of makes a tear of prideful joy well up right in my eye.

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher


I would encourage any Iraqis who want to live to get themselves and their families out now while they can, because they aren't going to have a thousand troops with M-16s patrolling their neighborhoods forever.


We bought off the people who were killing our guys. But that doesn't resolve anything. What it does is keep Congress pliant, so that the war against Iran can be launched. That's my take, anyway.

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