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January 08, 2008



Let's not forget, as well, that McCain trounced W in New Hampshire eight years ago, and the Bush men, both 41 and 43 are notoriously vindictive grudge-bearers.


There is another explanation for George being so forthright. With the chances of any Republican winning any election in 2008 falling George may have decided to take over the country. (His justification for this could be (1) a new 9/11, (2) war with Iran, or (3) Congressional efforts to impeach him.) If he has made a decision to impose martial law, this would explain why Murdock and company, George's media, are setting the stage for war with Iran by reporting that US warships have been threatened by Iranian ships. It would also explain why George doesn't need to worry about anything he says to the media, since after declaring martial law--a power given to him by the last Republican Congress--he will report to no one.

The Madisonian

Lord, what exquisite hair-splitting! How about the simple explanation -- as in 2002, the economy has actually been in recession for some time and it's finally become so obvious that even the Chief Chimp has to admit it. And of course a tanking economy will be his strongest argument for why his tax cuts need to become permanent. Incidentally, the events surrounding the recent NIE on Iran pretty much show us what would happen if Bush tried to impose martial law: the military would refuse to go along with it. No, I think Bush and Company will steal as much as they can for as long as they can, destroy the evidence, and then head for the hills -- I don't think any of them give a damn about what happens after January, so long as it doesn't involve them wearing orange jump suits.


Lord help us all if GW decides to hold a military coup.....get this man and his Darth Vadar VP out of office NOW!!!


Why would Bush's bad-mouthing the economy hurt McCain, but help Romney? Either way, it seems like it hurts the Republicans.


The only way they could engineer a coup would be if there was another "terrorist attack". So if that happens then you will know what is next. I don't think they can trust the military but most of the military will be overseas and they have created their own SS with Blackwater. While I don't put it past them I still think it is an unlikely scenario. These people are cowards and they would have to be really backed into a corner to risk a scenario that could so easily backfire on them - with the Generals arresting them and putting them on trial.

Jay Randal

Dubya has always left behind a train-wreak after he departs from something. US economy most likely will be in full depression mode, by next fall, so he is just admitting to it slightly in advance. He will not acknowledge that his stupidity caused it, thus Democrats in Congress will be blamed for it. Next President will get the train-wreak economy as a gift from Pres. Bush.


It follows that the people who might switch from McCain to Romney at the last minute are capable of thought. Primitive thought perhaps, but thought none the less. I highly doubt that any person cabable of brain activity more advanced than that of, say a scorpion, is likely to listen to anything that George Bush has to say.


The Obama factor reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, the March of the lemmings and the Pied Piper.
It is obvious that 'we the People' are pretty stupid!


As always the simplest answer is the best and T-Rex nailed it:

"Let's not forget, as well, that McCain trounced W in New Hampshire eight years ago, and the Bush men, both 41 and 43 are notoriously vindictive grudge-bearers."


In the rariefied atmosphere that the Bushes operate in you will find that McCain doesn't fit in. Willard, on the other hand comes closest to fitting in, although his Mormonism is an obstacle. Class is everything to these bluebloods, and if you think they are willing to overlook it, well that just doesn't happen. Secondly, giving the American electorate credit for being smarter than a rock is dangerous, as 25% would defend Georgy to the death in order to not look bad for their past support.

Carl from L.A.

It has occurred to me for years that Bush and Cheney (or at least Cheney) must look at Hitler, and think "the only thing he had going for him that we don't have was a depression."

So, Bring It On.....


While Blackwater and Brownshirts emerged from under the same rock, comparing Blackwater to what the Brownshirts (and Gestapo) did to enforce the 1933 coup and establish the Third Reich is strained. Reason: There are pretty significant differences between America today and Germany of the 1930s, not to mention the different national characters. After much thought and concern on this matter, the only thing I’m persuaded of is that a coup would be much less likely to succeed here, and the likely perpetrators know the risks they expose themselves to should they choose that route. Although, GW’s gang certainly have provided enough evidence to doubt their motives and allow this comparison. Having said this, I still am uneasy with the obvious similarities and potential for Martial Law and will remain so until January 21, 2009, or a few days later!


Good freakin Gawd in heaven, what more does Bush, Cheney and the neo-cons what out of America? Is there a single thing they haven't got? Every dollar which might be spent on social services has been sucked out of us by the war, which I will admit has been a bargain. Per dollar, nothing they could have done has hurt us more!
They've insulated themselves and their friends from all the responsibility and costs, and directed all the money their way.
Now they'll push the wreck into the Dems yard, and run away.
Only MSM just won't get the "Producers" cues right; the more Huck, Mitt and the rest try to prove they belong nowhere but a psych ward, the MSM insists on taking them seriously!
They will gladly turn the remains over to the Democrats, they're murderors, not morticians.

Dan Van Riper

Go ahead, call me paranoid, but...

Despite all attempts to fix the outcome, a Democrat, any Democrat, is cruising toward a win of the White House. This cannot be tolerated. Therefore, the Democrat needs to be assassinated. Particularly if the Democrat is a black man, like Mr. Obama.

That will be the excuse to declare "a state of emergency," the new 9-11 Pearl Harbor. They'll send mercenaries like Blackwater and various secret police out to "secure" key points and round up dissenters. They won't need permission from the legitimate military.

After that, total chaos.

Why yes, I do think they are stupid enough to think up a plan like that.


While the elitists heap buckets of scorn upon the Edwards/Obama warnings about 'class warfare' and the obscene disparity between the super-rich and everyone else, they fully reaize the depth of anger rising in the populace on this delicate subject. Chiseled phoney Romney embodies the upper crusters greedy values and certainly appeals to the Bush dynasty who will pull out all the stops to keep the status quo by defending permanent tax cuts for the 'team'. Those 'others', McCain/Huckabee/Guilliani, are but street punks to those who breathe the rarified air of the have-mores, the bushite base. This gang of robber barons must stay united in their most cherished cause - having it all - forever.


The country needs our dogs to be on point and alert for any action BushCo may do to create a martial law scenario and suspend the 2008 elections.
The national emergencies are already in place. Beware, prepare and snip the bud before it blooms. Impeach, or indict and convict to remove the bud from the position of power and prevent anymore damage from being done.


I wonder if Mc cain wants to hug Bush now.


You say of Romney:
".... there seems to already exist some familial affection for the religious scholar and abominable historian as would-be president."

Familial affection is right—for instance, Poppy's Carlysle Group, Romney's financial supporters.

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