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March 20, 2011



Dude you are on a roll.

Marc McKenzie

Good points, PM.

Here's a question to ask of those against intervention in Libya: if nothing were to have been done, and Quadaffi slaughtered the rebels and kept power...then what? Would you then turn and accuse Obama of sitting on his hands and letting Libya become the next Rwanda?

Of course, at Salon, the Greenwald mindset of "This is some imperialist act!!" has set in.

I have my doubts about the current moves in Libya, but I have to look at it this way...the Arab League called for action, the UN Security Council authorized it, and now US, UK, and French forces are carrying out strikes, and Obama is calling on the Arab League to lend a hand. There's still cries about that this is the US and Obama trying to outdo Bush (or some weird babble to that effect) but my earlier question stands.

The funny thing is, I really would not expect an answer to it.



I've already heard some on the left try to tie what is happening in Libya to Rwanda and try to equate President Obama's decision on Libya to GWB. It's hogwash, and the ones making these claims know it. The main problem they seem to have is that they think the president should listen to them instead of the experts whose salaries we pay to assist the president. It's a cry for attention that's not being addressed by the president, so they cry, scream, and whine louder and louder. It seems to me that they should have learned by now that they are not party to the meetings that go on in the WH and so should stop trying to impose their will on President Obama. IMO, when they do/say these kinds of things, they're no better than those on the right who also try to impose their will on the president.



Yes, yes they would.

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