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March 23, 2011



Tonite Gary Hart was on PBS calling for just such a doctrine, and I was thinking, really?

What kind of doctrine could "meet the needs of reality and [all] the [various] moment[s]" a president these days is faced with? I wonder if it isn't just Obama, but the nature of the world we're facing now, that makes doctrines obsolete?

And then there's prudential considerations. Hart wants to know why we're intervening in Libya, and not in Africa?

Really? You really need to ask?

The fact is, I think, that much of this is to show support for the democratizing movements of the region. It's humanitarian, but humanitarian because US interest (in the form of its reputation) is deeply implicated.

But, can that be formulated in a doctrine, without the vapid "vital national interest" guff making an appearance?


I said when I came out for Obama that we all had George W. Bush to thank, because if he hadn't of been such a disaster, then this country wouldn't have given a Black man a chance.

I thank you for breaking it down that this President is a thinker and actually takes the time to think before making decisions.

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