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April 27, 2011



Le sigh.


Don't you think Obama knows all this? Don't you think he knows that birthers will always be birthers, no matter what proof is produced? Don't you think he knows that he is just fueling the fire by "conceding" to madness?

Of course he does. Of course he knows that today's move will keep the story alive. Of course he knows that birther-mania will become even more of a "distraction" now that he has, essentially, legitimized that phenomenon.

So why would he do it? Because he also knows that full-on GOP birtherism is the one thing that can guarantee him a landslide re-election, no matter how the economy fares in the next 18 months.


Sorry Andrew, I'm not buying this cynical analysis. First, I think that President Obama has amply demonstrated his genuine desire to force the political class in Washington to address the most important problems America faces. I don't know where you've been in the last two years.

Second, if you want to look at things from a political point of view... The distractions don't help him. His speech on the debt was effective and put the republicans on the defensive. All around the country republicans are getting some serious pushback from their constituents. President Obama is well positionned to win the debate, both on policy ( good for America) and on politics ( good for his reelection and the election of democrats). I have no doubt that President Obama wants the media to stop getting sucked up in the distractions.

Lyle Richardson

Perhaps this isn't "a concession to madness" by Obama. Perhaps, with this likely one-time-only addressing the matter, Obama makes himself once again look the "the grown-up in the room", even if it is a silly issue. He addresses it once, and lets the chuckleheads on the far right and the shouting heads in the news spin themselves silly, making themselves look like the buffoons they really are. That's the impression I got from his press conference on this matter, where he appeared more bemused by the birthers and their media enablers than upset, then followed up by getting to the true heart of the matter, that most Americans are more worried about the real issues, particularly the economic ones, than the rantings of the insane fringe.


I have to agree with Lyle.

If you listen to the ~ 5 min, he leveraged the 'carnival barker silliness' into a civics lesson for everyone.

He chastised the press by noting that they all cut in on their regular programs to cover his statement - which they normally would only do for a 'national security' issue. And, then followed with how the bulk of what they spent their time on during a week in which Ryan's cruel catastrophic legislation passed the House and he gave a major speech on his plan was on the nonsense of his place of birth.

He then spoke directly to the 'majority of Americans' in informing them of his awareness of the very serious issues they and the Nation are confronting and that neither he or they should be distracted by silliness from addressing those issues.

Once again, he demonstrated who the only adult in the room is. I also do not think we will see him give any attention to the conspiracy nuts again and he will use this instance as a way to answer all the continued silliness with 'I told you to get serious and I meant it, next question.'

Anne Johnson

I have mixed feelings about him releasing this document. I think the president is absolutely correct in saying that there are some people who will still never believe it no matter what. Does this hurt the birther of a nation crowd or does it only fan their flames of hatred? I guess we'll find out soon...

S. Holland

There is nothing, nothing, President Obama can do to shut up the ignorant racists...they hate it that a black man lives in the White House! And our miserable excuse for media..ahhh, turn a blind eye! And our miserable excuses for humans in the republican senate turn a blind eye, or encourage the hatred. I'm a 67 year old white woman who lived in the south, Georgia, during segregation and what I've been watching literally takes me back to those hideous days! I agree with Carpenter..fuck them all to hell.


Just watched this video that expresses how I imagine many in this country feel over this issue...Disgusting for me, a white woman, to watch Trump strut around so high and mighty, but to be black and witness this must be maddening.....

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