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April 17, 2011


And if anyone understands the need for that dialectic, and the intrinsic tolerance it requires, that person is President Obama.

For him it's not an abstract concept, it is how he has conducted his life of public service.

bravo sir. bravo.

my comments are always very short because there isn't anything else to add.

You must be smoking. Have you not noticed that Obama did not even fight for the Public Option?

Did Obama even try to strength labor rights?

What power or clout do Progressives have?

In any case, no matter what happens I will never again vote for Obama or another Democrat.

Nader in 2012!

Yeah, because the last time libtards backed Nader things worked out so well for the progressive cause.

The Nader debacle was the most compelling illustration that I can think of that our plurality voting system is broken beyond repair, yet nobody seems to want to talk about this. At least the Brits are starting to get it right with their AV referendum. So long as we use a plurality system, we'll continue to be faced with a tactical voting nightmare.

You want to vote for a non-Democrat? Good for you, but let's work to change the voting system first.

It's hard for me to look at any dialectic which produced Limbaugh/Hannity/Beck as its ultimate outcome on the right, and think that liberals need to in any way emulate it.

Tradition and reason may have been the starting points, but they cancelled out and all that was left were the contradictions and hypocrisies.

@JRinDallas and all others:

I prefer to vote for "None of the Above" rather than vote again for the moral coward Obama.

My point is that let us not pretend that Obama (along with Geithner, Summers, etc.) is not also a tool of Wall Street.

Tragically, the worst mistake Obama and the Democrats made was to continue the Bush-Paulson policy of bank bailouts with no conditions attached.

America has a one-party system with two factions.

The American Business Party has two factions known as Republicans and Democrats.

Good thing that the Congress passed the bank bailout legislation with no strings attached -- otherwise there might be restricted lending and Unemployment!

JRinDallas--"Libtard"? Is that how you build bridges to people--call them retards? Do you mock people with Down Syndrome when you see them on the street? You're a shithead.

GT--The people who read this blog are, for the most part, Obamabots and ignorant about finance and banking. If you point out Obama's many programs to benefit the banks (TARP, which he supported, being only the tip of the iceberg) they'll tell you he had to support them, we made the money back, etc, etc. Obama's financial reform was the minimum he could get away with doing--a joke cooked up by the very people who caused the disaster. And it's only been further watered down by Geithner in his loyalty to his mentor/benefactor Bob Rubin.

Where's Eric Holder's prosecution of Wall Street? Nowhere. The big criminal banks continue their crimes unscathed. The glaring, criminal Obama lapse to prosecute has nothing to do with Republican control of the House. Obama opposes looking back at the past when it comes to white collar torturers or financial terrorists. Law is to be used against the middle class and poor. Obama and his cohorts are above the law.

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