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May 19, 2011



one thing about obama's presidency that confuses me in the "shit gets done" dept:
why is he remaining passive about the judicial appointment situation? do you have a long-view explanation for this, because it stumps me.


MY guess, duncan, would be that he's got so many other plates spinning and balls in the air at the moment, he simply doesn't have the time or political capital to spare for a vexing problem which nevertheless is several rungs down the ladder from the most crucial stuff he is dealing with at any particular moment.


For many reasons, no one will forget this speech.

It represents a transformation in American foreign policy in an unprecedented way regarding Israel, Palestine, the Mid-East, North Africa and the world.

The people throughout Israel, Palestine, the Mid-East and North Africa to whom the President spoke most directly were the citizens of those Nations and regions.

He spoke directly to them by calling out the leadership of allies and enemies in as even-handed a dose of - your responsibility is to securing the inalienable rights of all your people, not the aggrandizement of power to a few.

Simply amazing, but not surprising because, after all, it is President Obama doing the leading.

Yes.We.Can. ... DO.More.Together!

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