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May 29, 2011



Sarah Palin is not running for President. Fox News has recently stated that they "are not changing her status" with the network. They dropped Gingrich and Santorum last March. I love a good grifter.


Poor Sarah's got more to worry about than a disgruntled ex-employee; her dear daughter Bristol not only supports gay marriage now (alas, the evil corruptions of Hollywood claim yet another innocent victim!) but has taken to keeping company with a young man who is (oh, whisper the horror)...... black. Yes! Mama Grizzly's precious cub is consorting with a black bear!

That's gotta smart. Can you blame this tragic victim of yet another betrayal -- and this one from one who should be dutiful if it kills her! -- if she flee$ for comfort to the welcoming arm$ of her adoring fan$?

Dorothy Rissman

Frankly, I am glad she is getting so much attention. I am sure the repugs are sick of her and want her to go away forever. Stay Sarah stay.

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