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May 05, 2011



Trump will probably go 3rd party, but he might go R. Bachmann is your more likely cathartic.


You're right.

I have to say I'm concerned though. The corporate establishment wants the WH back. BADLY. For the record I don't think they were "that" interested in getting it in 2008. Better let the black man take the hit for a slow and painful recovery.

So I'm pretty sure we'll see a moderate get the nomination, with the FULL HELP of the media.


I think Republicans and the corporate establishment want the WH back now because they see the tide shifting. Policies are being implemented by the current administration that will have long-reaching effects which protect the public and the environment.

Tax loopholes have been targeted, as well as oil and farm subsidies. There's a general consensus that the wealthy should pay more taxes. And the true face and/or agenda of the GOP is being peeled back for all to see. You know Republicans and the corporate establishment is going to do everything they possibly can to put a stop to this.

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