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June 29, 2011


Peter G

What's left? Prior to my posting this the answer was to be found at the end of your own post. Just after the hyperlink: comments. It looked like this (0)


Not making any predictions, but if I were Mitt Romney I'd be taking a hard look at her for veep. Her past record has given her name-recognition and established her hard-right brand. She now has the freedom to "go to China" (ie, moderate a bit).

Romney needs her or someone like her (is there anyone?) to mollify the right-side of his base. She could be Nixon to his Eisenhower, Agnew to his Nixon, Quayle to his GWH Bush, Kemp to his Dole, Palin to his McCain. Those latter examples show that--perhaps--the ideological balancing act of the GOP isn't as sure a winner as it once was, but it's still necessary to keep the party together through the nomination/campaign.

Goldwater-Miller showed that right/right doesn't work, and Bush-Cheney 2000 (when both were seen as compassionate or establishment) showed that was pretty risky too.

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