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August 14, 2011


Bob Loblaw

Somehow I imagine Plouffe's job to be quite safe. He's wrong on this though. There's more the administration could be pushing than free trade agreements with Panama and patent reform.

But as the saying goes, you never put out a new product in August...


I'm sorry but I have to question this article. Someone somewhere started a meme that Obama is obsessed with Independents. I have yet to hear proof of this from the admin itself. There are members of the Dem party who would be impressed with pragmatism and getting things done. This country isn't just Liberals-Independents-Tea Party.

Axelrod ain't going no where and he shouldn't. Why in the world would you throw out someone as loyal and effective as Axelrod?


Well Alli, since Axelrod wasn't mentioned anywhere on this page, perhaps it was you who didn't read it carefully enough?

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