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May 21, 2012


Chris Andersen

I assume you've read up on Leo Strauss. If you haven't you should.

Straussianism essentially argues that only a few elites can ever understand the world enough to manage it and the rest of the rabble should be kept in the dark about what is really going on for their own good.

It's like Randianism, except that where Randites don't give a crap about the well-being of their lessers, the Straussians actually think they are helping the 99% by keeping them in their place.

Susan Zoon

I know you are, but what am I? Oh... please pass the puppy.

Ted Frier

Projection is something the right learned from the Master, Adolph Hitler, who rose to power by projecting his own demons onto his enemies in order to incite the anger of the German masses and rally their enthusiasms behind the Nazi cause, as Erich Fromm reminds us.

Hitler always accused his enemies "of the very things he quite frankly admits to be his own aims," wrote social psychologist Fromm in his 1941 contemporaneous classic on the rise of Nazism, Escape from Freedom.

In a chapter entitled "The Psychology of Nazism," Fromm said that Hitler constantly attacked Jews, communists, the French and others for "the very things that he says are the most legitimate aims of his own actions." Like many of today's right wing, Hitler's hypocrisy was so flagrant that "he scarcely bothers to cover this contradiction by rationalizations."

By justifying his own, and his movement's, sadism "as a defense against attacks of others," Hitler was able to portray the German people as "always the ones who are innocent and it's enemies as the sadistic brutes."

It's you who has the sadistic intention, therefore I am innocent, Hitler would say - a useful defense mechanism, says Fromm, "against being found out with regard to one's own sadism or destructiveness."

In fact, says Fromm, "there was literally no act of Nazi oppression which was not explained as a defense against oppression by others."

Think "Angry Left."


It's not a secret, and it's not a skill. They lie and project with incredible clumsiness, and only a press as tame as ours lets them get away with it.

They aren't geniuses, folks. They're just corrupt.

Matthew G. Saroff

Strauss is not Randroid, he is Platonic.

Read Plato's Republic. When I read it in High School, I identified it as proto-fascism


"It's not a secret, and it's not a skill. They lie and project with incredible clumsiness, and only a press as tame as ours lets them get away with it."

It has nothing to do with a tame press. It has everything to do with a corporate owned media working hand in glove with their hand puppet Republican congress. We are moving closer and closer to full blown fascism in this country(the merger of corporations and govt). This is the end game for Republicans and will have the full support of their puppet masters.

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