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May 29, 2012


Susan Zoon

The only trouble I see for Obama is if he endorses some Simpson/Bowles type plunder of the social safety net. The "Grand Bargain" is being dangled out there again by increasingly desperate Republicans...If Obama takes the bait he could lose.

Personally, I think he is too smart for that and the only reason it was offered last year was to thoroughly embarrass the Republicans and to take away that dull "Bipartisanship" saw... but it keeps me up at night nonetheless.


I do wish people would stop reading and analyzing Andrew Sullivan's collection of manic-depressive non sequiturs. On economics, he knows less than Megan McArdle, on foreign affairs he knows less than Jeffrey Goldberg, and on American politics he knows less than Clive Crook. These are not intellectual endowments of which any thinking human being should be proud.


On page views Andrew knows business:

"We fly our country's flag because we are proud of the things it stands for."

That and other astounding revelations can only be foundeded at -


Come on P.M ,own up! Aren't you all pooped out and worn with the negative, pessimistic, gloom and doom talksayers, who invade our spirits each day with their 'whatever thoughts rambling around in their brains'? Oh, for the days of thoughtful, substance once a week missives based on facts!

Robert Lipscomb

It's only a 2-1 chance.

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