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May 01, 2012



Actually, Inhofe is not smart enough to be an imbecile.


Inhofe and the others like him on the right are really pizzzzed at the president because they've spent the past 3+ years painting him as an ineffective leader who can do nothing right. They were okay as long as he was too busy to respond on a regular basis to their baseless attacks, but things have changed now and he is punching back at them and landing good, solid body blows. This has caught them by surprise and seems to be the source of all of their recent complaints and angst. Although it has driven some of the president's supporters nuts, I think he played it just right by allowing republicans to run their mouths to no end and by attacking them when they were least expecting it. Republicans can always land hits on their opponents but seem to have serious problems taking punches themselves.

Peter G

No mean endorsement of Imhofe's intellectual exceptionalism given the competition.


Obama's been playing rope-a-dope with them. The right-wing thought they were doing great -- landing lots of body blows --and now he's turned on them.
They are stunned, angry, and very very weak. It's fun to watch it playing out.


I don't know I think they all take turns at being the leading imbecile in the U.S. Senate. Yesterday was his day.

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