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June 07, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

Give me a break, PM!!!

Is the poor bastard supposed to run on ending Medicare? Honestly, what would YOU do if you were backed into his corner????



But what is worse? The liar or the people that willfully believe him even in the face of overwhelming evidence proving how outrageous the lies are? Remember, many people saw Nixon for the despicable hateful liar that he was, and not only did he win the 1968 election, he was reelected by a landslide in 1972. I hate to keep bringing up Tricky Dick, but I do think he serves as a valuable lesson for what we are witnessing today.

Chris Andersen

You know, I agree with you that it is outrageous that Romney would claim the moral high ground. But this is really nothing new in Republican politics. They learned long ago that if you just keep talking about morality the average voter will start to think you are a moral person. The facts to back it up don't matter. What matters is that you use the word over and over and over and over and over and over again.

If he does it enough, the average vote will automatically think "Romney" every time they hear the word "moral" because Romney has done so much to create that Pavlovian connection in their mind.

Decrying this as immoral is all well and good, but unless you are willing to counter the programming with something more than "it's bad to do this" you will lose the argument much more than you should based on the merits.

So I would suggest that we stopped getting all outraged that Romney lies his ass off every day of the campaign and instead just talk about him being a liar over and over and over again *without* getting all upset about it. Just say it as if it is an obvious fact.

In other words, let's do the real world equivalent of a google bomb on his ass (just like he is trying to do with the word moral).


I share your outrage...just wish I could put it into words as well as you, PM!


Funny that, for every time I hear the word Romney I think immoral and liar.

Anonymous At Work

Question: Does this mean you intend to vote for Obama? Follow-up: Does this mean you intend to endorse Obama?
Reason for questions: Are you talking with your mouth or voting with your feet?


Congrats! Sully quoted you. And I sent your comment to the White House.

Robert B. Winn

For years Democrats have tried to define moral as being anything that comes out of European politics; abortion, homosexual issues, socialism, public financing of contraceptives, and every other idiotic idea that Europeans think of. What do any of these things have to do with the United States?
Americans would like to make their own decisions, not have them made by the Democratic Party copying every form of stupidity that Europeans think of.


Those damn Europeans, how dare they give us things like democracy. Of course you could fall back onto the Constitution and Bill of Rights but those are the direct result of the social contract theories of Locke, Hobbes and Rousseau who were, gasp, Europeans.

To ignore polices and ideas that work for no other reason than they work in some other country, especially in Europe, is the height of arrogant stupidty.

Florida Mom

Shared by this liberal on my Facebook! It is wonderful to know that some on the conservative side of the aisle 'get' Mitt Romney. Thanks for the post. Keep em coming!

Oh, as to what he should be running on...let's go with facts for a thousand, Alex.



Fitting that Sullivan's link led me to this page. His skewed, ridiculous sense of exaggerated moral outrage matches your own. If you think Romney trumps Obama on lies and half truths then you really are incapable looking at things honestly.

Notta Republirobot

Dear Robert Winn:

Just a friendly FYI: your surname is likely of German, Dutch or Scandinavian origin. Do you consider your surname to be a "form of stupidity"? Because according to your logic, that's exactly what it is.


I love how people throw around "lies and half truths" in regards to the POTUS, yet have ZERO to back it up.

They cry, "He didn't close GITMO!" Really? He signed an EO on 1/22/09 to close it.:
There is even VIDEO:
Why isn't it closed? Ask the cowards in CONGRESS, all of whom except SIX DEMS have voted to FUND that closing at least 4 times since the EO was signed. You can't just lock the doors and tell everyone to find their own ride out of Cuba. Since the POTUS cannot appropriate one single $, tell me HOW was that a half/truth or is is fault in some way.


Tripped over here via Sullivan -- great stuff. I'm more of a film wonk, but will no doubt be back to share thoughts in this political hunting season.


the thing is, though, silly: Romney's obviously right. So there's nothing to get upset about. Except, apparently, your over-identification with Obama.


You people are morons. Why, dare I ask is Romney a stench? Why he had the temerity to criticize Obama. If you people had any ability to discern the truth, you would be terribly ashamed of the incompetant, ignorant, arrogant, pathetic, spoiled, narcisistic, petulant, punk currently occupying the White House, when he claimed that that the private sector is doing just fine. Time to pull your heads out.

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