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June 18, 2012



I remember heatring the decision come down and asking myself, "On what possible grounds could they base that decision? Overturning a state's Supreme Court on what was definitively a state issue." Like you I did not picture just how severe the consequences of that decision would be, but I also noticed that the majority acknowledged that they knew there was no real legal basis for their decision by stating it should not be used as a precedence in any future rulings.

Unlike you, I do blame the Court for what followed. I think the majority understood very well what the Bush plans were (except for maybe the torture aspect).

Robert Lipscomb

While I share the same sentiments for Gore v. Bush, for me it is embracing torture. I can understand a country being confounded by the legal arguments of that bastard decision, but every person must know the inherent evil of torture. To embrace it and tout it is to be corrupted beyond redemption.

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