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June 12, 2012



And sadly that is why I think he can win. Again... It's the electorate, people!


"it is, plainly, whatever 50.1 percent of the electorate is willing to believe."

Actually, it is whatever various components that add up to 50.1% are willing to believe. He doesn't care if, say, 10% don't believe everything he says, as long as they believes X when he says it. And if 25% don't believe everything, that is okay as long as they believe Y. And if 15.1% don't believe everything, that is also okay, as long as they believe Z.

In each case, X, Y or Z is enough for that particular group to vote for him. Or at least, that is what he believes.

I still think he is going to be off by at least 3-5%.

Robert Lipscomb

It sounds more like Rove than Romney. That is not to say that Romney is not an enthusiastically willing accomplice. This leads me to what has been botherng me about Jeb Bush's recent public actions.

Bush (and some others) have been throwing the Bull Shit Flash on Romney's campaign. This seems to butress PM's assertion that the GOP is in the midst of a binge of self-destruction. Why? That is not very GOP-ish.

Rove doesn't care. He is skimming 10 - 20% off the hundreds of millions of dollars of ads he is and will be running for the super-PACs. George H.W. Bush long ago let Rove know he is not part part of the family. Rove has left W holding the bag.

It looks more and more like a brewing civil war in the GOP.

PM is correct to say this is something new. The old guard GOP can no longer tolerate it - if for no other reason than it will not succeed in the long term.


Ultimately rove does the kochs' bidding. In a bell curve of possible threads of cause of America's crisis, far to one end is that we are in a takeover by the kochs, with alec a conspiratorial partner. Dare one say a fascistic takeover?


"it is, plainly, whatever 50.1 percent of the electorate is willing to believe."

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