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July 13, 2012



Kessler has unmasked himself as a pathetic hack with his doubling-down on the completely and utterly inaccurate "fact check" of the Obama campaign's now-totally-vindicated claims that Romney was indeed still tied to Bain from 99-02.

The original issue was Romney's claim that he had left Bain, permanently, completely, in 1999. And that this inoculated him from the gruesome outsourcing and investing-in-abortion-fetus-disposal-company misdeeds of his "former" company that occurred 99-02. The Globe presented documents, signed under penalty of perjury, that show as of 2002 Romney was still holding himself out as the FCUKING CEO, CHAIRMAN, and SOLE SHAREHOLDER of the company he now claims to have cut all ties with in 1999. So Romney's 1999 claim, which he made on recent FEC forms, was false. Or his SEC disclosure forms were. Either way he lied. There is no 3rd option.

Rather than a quick, "oops, I wasn't aware of this new information, let me revise my earlier "fact check" to reflect this revelation," Kessler's response was "nyah nyah, no one has shown me proof that he was involved day to day so I'm still right, even though SEC forms signed by Mitt himself show that I was wrong. Also, one of the Globe's sources votes for Democrats so can't be trusted! Ha!" What the fuck proof does he want? Videotape of Romney at board meetings, taken by Fehrnstrom? And now there is sworn fucking testimony from the man himself that he attended board meetings. And Kessler still can't just admit he got it wrong the first time due to lack of complete info. Is he fucking kidding?

There is no possible explanation that makes Romney look good, nor is there a possible explanation in which he didn't, at some point, make a bald-faced lie. I know it's in poor taste among media twits to use the L word, but if there was ever a time where it was necessary to do so, it is now. But no, at most they'll say he "misspoke" on the forms he signed under penalty of perjury.

Cutter didn't say "Romney committed a felony." She noted, accurately, that until we get the straight story from Mitt about all this (HA!), that is one of the obvious possibilities. But of course, our sick joke of a media focuses on the mean things Obama is saying about their fellow 1% traveler Mitt - totally ignoring the verifiable truth of the claims themselves. I hate this. On days like today I find myself hoping the Mayans were right about 2012.

W Caulfield

The Mayans were right. Don't doubt it for a minute. But we still get to have all the fun of a presidential election before December.


Turgidson...I share your frustration, but the the media is corporate owned (as is the SCOTUS and most of Congress. I, too, hate this and just wish we had some recourse....other than the end of the world!


^SueMe: Agreed. I only root for the Mayan solution on particularly depressing days.

I have a glimmer of hope that this particular controversy (and the ones to come as Obama's team inevitably rolls out more evidence of Mitt's mendacity), which is clear as can be as far as who's right and telling the truth, and who's wrong and lying furiously, will reveal to a wider audience that our corporate media, including pundits and self-appointed "fact-checkers," are a huge contributor to this country's decline and rot.

But I should probably give up that hope. If the 2008 economic shitshow didn't knock our Galtian overlords off their pedestal or smack some sense into the media, I don't know what will. Hence my intermittent "Go Mayans!!" sentiment.

Lord Basil

The Kenyan Marxist homosexual could have easily ended the controversy about his birth if he simply released a valid long form birth certificate instead of the forgery he posted online.

Liberals are obvious hypocrites.


Wasn't it Kessler who said Romney committed a felony if Romney was still at Bain after 1999? Or maybe I have him mixed up with some other fact-checker (sic).

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