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August 24, 2012



"In short Republican pols in the last Congress and this have proved themselves to be sadistic, sociopathic bastards who are probably feted at al Qaeda tea parties."

I want to thank you for not losing track of the need for civility and avoiding letting how you really feel out.

That said, you are 100% correct. Never has a political party been this much against what is good for the country. They may use langauge to explain why what they are doing is good for the country, but the proof is in their actions. If things that they approved were good for the country in the past, why are they no longer good.

This is the only time in our history where a major crisis has faced this country and there has even been a question about ttrying to fund a response. In the past, even wrongly at times, it has been, "whatever it takes."


Treason it indeed is , and it is past time it was called just that and treated as such.


Why isn't this story front-page news in every paper in the country? I regard Mr. Grunwald's revelations as unmasking a scandal far, far worse than Watergate. In the face of the most serious financial crisis in seventy years, with millions of Americans losing their jobs, accumulated wealth melting away as people on the verge of retirement and parents who thought their college funds were secure saw their savings vanish overnight, one of our two major political parties decided to thwart the new President's attempts to save the economy from collapse at every turn, opposing everything he proposed on principle, regardless of the merits of the proposal, whether they had favored the same thing in the past, and the effect on the lives of their constituents. I thought nothing about the Republican Party could shock me, but this has. Why isn't it leading every newscast?

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