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September 30, 2012


Mary Lynne Foster

Thank you. I continue to find President Obama to be an inspirational figure. I guess it is not surprising that his election didn't make us post-racial, but brought out all the hidden hatred that's been boiling beneath the surface. Apart from any of his other great accomplishments, his example of clear focus on what's best for the U.S. and his ability to brush off the disgusting attacks made on him daily has forced me to scrutinize and question some of my beliefs and actions. His second term will take us another step across the bridge to less riven more united future for all Americans.


Mary Lynne -- With comments like that you're pretty darn inspirational yourself.

Cheered me just reading it.

Suzanne Holland

I second that Mary Lynne!! And I thank you!!

Political_Bill (Bill Talley)

The audacity lies in the formidable digital team that's been created, organizing American people via OFA & Obama Dashboard. Don't think that network will go dark after the elections, social media is ready to start flexing muscles. :)

Peter G

I posted elsewhere that the most striking feature of the Democratic convention to me was the willingness of the participants to be inspired. The degree to which Amercans are inspired by aspirational dreams is, to my mind, one of the few things that could legitimately be listed under American Exceptionalism. Nothing could have been starker than the contrast with the Republican convention which seemed more a festival of disdain, if not hatred. My predisposition to like Americans derives from my encountering a lot more of the former crowd than the latter.

Suzanne Holland

Well said Peter!

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