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November 23, 2012



Education? Conservatives value education? This is new to me.

Peter G

I believe your heresy goes by the name of "fifty state strategy". For that covers all you have listed as strategy. Run winners everywhere, even if they have to run as conservatives to have a chance to win. That does, of course, bring all real policy debate in house, once you control the House, just like those two very productive years of the Obama presidency.


No this goes beyond the 50-state strategy, which progressives loved. The above is too radical, which is to say, "conservative," for them, which is why it'll probably never gain traction.

Peter G

More's the pity. I've run into a lot of progressives who believed that strategy was too run progressives everywhere. Don't know why that thought that should be so. I take your larger point. Conserving progressive policies from years gone by is a wonderful banner under which to run to the discomfiture of all the current crop of conservatives. I chuckle just thinking about it.


My favorite part:

"Even if there was some valid lament"...

Good stuff.


"[President Obama] subtly wove the "conservative" message into his orthodox liberalism to a textured point in which the red and the blue strands became indistinguishably purple:"...


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