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November 13, 2012



That fine young man Paul Ryan also said in a local interview that of course his ideas on the budget and Medicare weren't rejected in the election.

Oh, Paul. Bless your empty, shrivelled little Randroid heart. Your ideas were so unpopular that you were forced to lie your granny-starving ass off about it non-stop and try to change the subject to your well-rehearsed "Obama robbed Medicare to pay for Obamacare!" lie. So you had to mendaciously try to run to Obama's left on Medicare just to make it close.

But like any true conservative, lil Paul will probably soon begin his post-mortem blame game where he says "if only the Romney campaign had let me be myself and speak forcefully about starving granny, we would have won!!!" So, sure, cling to your idea that this country secretly wants to starve granny. And keep proposing your math-challenged and poor-soaking budgets. What could go wrong? Chump.

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