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November 27, 2012



It's a remarkable essay, which I've already posted to my FB page. Let us hope, for the sake of a rational political dialogue, that others in the GOP will see the light.


Excellent essay by Mr. Bartlett. And it seems republicans stubbornly remain in their bubble and refuse to come out thinking it will bring them electoral success next time around. Right after the election, when it turns out that almost sixty per cent of the population believes abortion should remain legal, Ohio state republicans pass anti-abortion legislation. And they think they will win any converts this way? Or what about congressional republicans whose party lost, whose presidential candidate lost, because the country couldn't stomach even more wealthfare handouts to the ultra wealthy, insist that the president go along with their losing candidate's economic policy ideas. To say they have a long way to go would be false, considering they don't seem to see the need to make a journey in the first place.


Bartlett proves in more ways than one the epistemic closure phenomenon. He proves that he was a victim of it until only VERY recently, and that most of the right wingers are burrowed far deeper in their hole of willful ignorance than he ever was.

Bartlett only recently realized that Obama's not a leftist? That right there shows how far gone he himself was. Until this election cycle, I thought the "intellectuals" (HA) on the right were just saying that to scare voters into voting Obama out, but realized he was utterly mainstream in reality. Bartlett believing otherwise until midway into Obama's first term is an eye-opener - they DO believe he's a leftist socialist monster, don't they?

I am glad Bartlett has kicked his Kool-aid habit and is comfortable telling unpleasant truths now. And I believe he's thought himself to be intellectually honest all along. So kudos for all of that. But the long, tortured path one of the redeemable people had to travel to leave the disinformation bubble...terrifies me. It'll take decades to draw the right wing poison from the country's bloodstream at this rate.

Peter G

In the course of his journey to Damascus I note that he did not shy from trying to use the history of the Democratic party, which had changed, to help his party, which would not and will not. And all because Obama became the candidate instead of Hillary Clinton. It certainly is a fascinating evolution and, as you say, well worth reading.

priscianus jr

On Bartlett protesting he's "not a liberal or a Democrat". Nixon was supposed to have said in 1965, "We are all Keynesians now." That doesn't make any sense to a Tea Party Republicab, but it makes sense to Bartlett.

priscianus jr

Obama is not a leftist, true, but as a moderate he is so far to the left of where the Republicans have gotten to over the past 40 years that he might as well be one. As a moderate he will be more effective in moving this country back to sensible policies both foreign and domestic.

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