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December 20, 2012


Robert Lipscomb

But, does Obama have the stomach to push the House Republicans to a breaking point which foments a GOP civil war resulting in absolute carnage for the "moderate Republicans"?

Peter G

Luck? I suppose the random forces of nature that gave Obama his current foes could be described so. But that doesn't mean you can't terribly misplay a good hand. Many think Obama is doing just that but I do not. In relation to your previous post I think he knows exactly the character of the people he is dealing with and their limitations. And I think he knows the character of his allies and party members and supporters and how to motivate them. But enough said about that. It seems your family emergency persists and I hope it ends well. Best wishes for it.

Peter G

I have been giving a little thought to that subject myself Robert. But the question I am asking myself is should he? Not will he? One tends to think of politics as a game and certainly game theory has many applications in politics but unless the Mayans and the current crop of Woo meisters are right it is a game that never ends. What exactly would be the consequences of a complete collapse of the Republican party into internecine warfare? What I once perceived as a laudable goal and, in fact, an end game won't be. Further I will not say. I'm still thinking about it.

Robert Lipscomb

@PeterG: I share the same instincts and am by nature a meet-you-halfway kind of guy. I prefer a full-throated, honest debate and put it up for debate. The radical right does not. They want obedience, not debate.

The radical right is not killing the Democratic Party; they are strengthening it. The radical right is killing the Republican Party. I want establishment, truly-conservative Republicans to squash the radical right, so they can go back to being the loyal opposition for debates.

Peter G

That's the way I'm thinking too Robert. Short of blowing them up I wonder if there is any set of policies that could encourage this republican Renaissance.

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