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February 19, 2013


Daniel Francis

We, the abstractions, are going to vote this time.

Peter G

This does not seem to me the fait accompli that you believe. Yes defense spending is diffuse and affects a large number of districts but so too will the other cuts. In fact they will affect more people. I'm sure you are right about their intentions but I will wait to see how this lays out.

Robert Lipscomb

It is the perfect playbook ... for 1980.

Democrats are no longer seen as peaceniks and apeasers. The question is no longer, "Are the Democrats weak on defense?" The question is, "Are Republicans blood-thirty war hawks?" I am sure that Obama knows this.

Also, a large majority of Americans think the military is long overdue for a pretty short haircut.

I am drifting towards Howard Dean's position of letting it happen to capture the cuts to the military. I would modify that phasing it in over a period of 3-4 years to minimize the impact on the economy. I heard reports this morning that the Tea Party is drifting towards the cuts in the military as a means of proving to their base that they are serious.

Again, timing and sequencing of the implementation seem to be open to negotiation.

As far as cuts to Medicare, I am on record for wanting to cut costs - while maintaining benefits.

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