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March 04, 2013



Speaking of isolated little worlds, when is the CPAC freak show again?

priscianus jr

As I understand it, the "likely voter" is not an empirical concept. It's a construct, and it can be contsructed differently based on differing assumptions. The Republicans were cherry-picking their likely voters.


Well, actually turnout did make a difference. Because of elevated Dem turnout (in some groups way above expected) he won by 4% rather that the predicted by polls 1.5-2%. And part of the increase in the turnout was a direct response to the GOP's efforts to disenfranchise some voters. IOW, they shot themselves in the foot due to their efforts to win.

Dan Lee Uhl

Since you're referencing conservative bubble-thinking, you should take a look at the biggest example of the conservatives' problem:

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