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April 03, 2013



What I'd like to know is what religion are they going to establish as their state religion? I read the bill and it didn't say. If it's Christianity what sect? Let them carry out their little experiment and see what happens. Maybe we'll figure out why the founders specifically left religion out of the constitution.

Peter G

I'll bet they discover what every petulant five year old has discovered since time immemorial, yes they are the boss of you.

Bad Wolf

Let's see what happens if the residents of Dearborn Michigan adopt a Muslim government, based on this precedent. Watch the fundie cranial blasts.

E.A. Blair

A few years ago, I read an interesting book by Stephen Waldma titled "Founding Faith: The Birth of Religious Freedom in America".

Waldma describes how the authors of the Bill of Rights were not motivated by tolerance; the situation was quite the opposite - intolerance was the deciding factor. The Methodists hated the Baptists who hated the Congregationalists. Everybody hated the Quakers (who would have been SOL if they hadn't had a colony of their own). The Catholics were all demon papists wedded to the whore of Babylon and Jews were considered barely more human than the Negro slaves. The Episcopalians were suspected of not having made a clean break with the Church of England and were harboring lingering royalist sympathies.

At a time when Baptists were routinely jailed for preaching in Virginia, no one denomination wanted to see any other gain ascendance. There were those who would rather see a "..heathen, a Jew or a Mahometan..." in public office than a fellow Christian of a different

If North Carolina does manage to pass this law, we can expect two things: first, there'll be a federal challenge to its constitutionality; if it survives that, there will be twenty or more years of arguments over which brand of bible-thumping is going to be official.


E. A Blair is correct. The founders reacalled all too well the Church of England and it's heavy hand. I once explained to an earnest conservative that rreedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion, and the right to worship the religion of your choice or abstain altogether. He really could not grasp the nuance.


Anyway, the speaker has shelved the bill

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