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June 23, 2013


Peter G

I agree with you. Push a jobs bill despite the fact the administration will almost certainly not succeed. What I don't get is why ou think the same sensible strategy of jabbing Republican sore spots doesn't apply to things like immigration reform. You seem to fear success of that even more than failure when, in fact , either will serve to probe those sore spots.


I also agree that the White House should remind the public at regular intervals, increasing as we approach 2014, that it does in fact have a jobs program. A budget-neutral jobs program, no less, that would create a couple million jobs and prioritize infrastructure upgrades.

But Douche-Hat knows full well that the White House is pursuing other priorities because it knows the Clown Car Caucus would sooner stab their own eyes out than move an Obama jobs bill out of its chamber. And it still annoys me that "the White House isn't focused on jobs" is a so breezily-repeated bit of conventional wisdom. Fine, that has some literal truth to it. But omitting the "why" is mendacious.

Robert Lipscomb

I am confused. I thought the stated strategy was to give up, do nothing and blame the GOP for obstruction; thenuse that to win the 2014 elections..

clarence swinney

Can she use Bill and duplicate this outstanding record?
GDP--rose from 6300 to 11,600
NATIONAL INCOME-5,000 to 8,000 Billion--took 20 years to grow 2500B before Clinton
JOBS CREATED--over 22 million--record by far
AVERAGE WEEKLY HOURS WORKED--never hit 35.0--hit that  mark 4 times in 80's
UNEMPLOYMENT--from 7.2% down down down to 3.9%
WELFARE TO WORK—11,533,710 on federal roll in 1996 and 3,880,321 in 2007.
MINIMUM WAGE--$4.25 to $5.15
MINORITIES--did exceedingly well
HOME OWNERSHIP--hit all time high
DEFICIT--290 Billion to whoopee a SURPLUS
DEBT----+28%---300% increase over prior12 years
FEDERAL SPENDING--+28%---80% under Reagan- who da true conservative?
DOW JONES AVERAGE--3,500 to 11,800  all it's history to get to 3500 and Clinton zooms it
NASDAQ--700 to 5,000---all of it's history to get to 700 and Clinton zooms it
VALUES INDEXES-- almost all bad went down--good went up in zoom zoom zoom
FOREIGN AFFAIRS--Peace on Earth good will toward each other---Mark of a true Christian--what has Bush done to Peace on Earth?
POPULARITY---highest poll ratings  in history during peacetime in  AFRICA, ASIA AND EUROPE even 98.5% in Moscow--left office with highest gallup rating since it was started in 1920's.
STAND UP FOR JUSTICE--evil conservatives spent $110,000,000 on hearings and investigations and caught--- ONE--- very evil man who took a few plane rides to events.
BOW YOUR HEADS--Thank you God for sending us a man of Bill Clinton's character, intelligence, knowledge of governance, ability to face up to crises without whimpering and a great leader of the world.


You err in believing that DC Politics is a contest. It's not. It has more in common with Professional Wrestling than any other sort of contest, because it's a sideshow. A distraction put on for our media and our "concerned" citizens so that the multinational corporate kleptocrats who own the contestants can pillage our national resources, can plunder the products of our labor, rape our freedoms...

The Democrats have no interest in winning. Their role is to put up a merely token fight on behalf of the victims in this deal (you and me, our children, and the things we were taught that an ethical, competent, compassionate government stood for) and then to cave at the last minute, to ensure that our liberties and our common wealth can continue to be stolen by the Monsantos and the Goldman Sachses and the ExxonMobils and the GE's, to name only a few.

If Dems "defeat" Republicans, how can the sideshow continue? No, the GOP will persevere, no matter how perverse they become.

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