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September 25, 2013


Robert Henig


But P.M, I can't laugh just yet. Do you actually agree with Chait that we are on a crash course for default? That seems ludicrous to me. There is no way default is the least bad option, ever. Besides, doesn't this seem like the penultimate moment for the GOP? Obama/the Dems have given them all year, all the space, all the rope they need. Now its time for a hanging.


I think Chait's argument is that, if Obama keeps negotiating over the debt ceiling and coming to heinous last-second deals to avert default, these shenanigans will continue indefinitely. So, if it comes down to the wire and the GOP is demanding that Obama repeal his entire presidency to date along with huge chunks of the New Deal (and this is what their current ransom note says) for a debt ceiling increase, and he agrees, they'll just do it again next time (and so on) until at some point no deal is reached and we default anyway. If it's a choice between defaulting now and paying half a dozen ransoms before a likely future default, a default now may very well be the least-bad option. Get it over with, hopefully the voters punish enough of the teabaggers that they lose the power to do this, and we pick up the pieces. Brutal, but...maybe less bad.

But I'm not laughing either. This could be quite scary.


I wish I knew what news channel he watches. on my tv it's been Cruz non stop for the second day in a row. I had to stop watching the news.

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