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October 18, 2013



Shorter EE, "I'm here to help Democrats."


I'm loathe to assume Erickson is not one these aforementioned fools and actually believes this nonsense. I suppose only time will tell.


Advancing, advancing, advancing. Why must these things always in terms of war on the right, and always written by people who've never served a day in the military in their lives? But the fact that there are people who see this guy as relevant, means that the old saying attributed to P.T. Barnum is just as true as it ever was.

Why are anti-government people always so hungry to live off the government? And if these anti-establishment types stay in government then won't they become establishment themselves? Won't they then run the risk of being primaried by someone even nuttier than they are?


"[W]e must advance ... Now conservatives can keep advancing ... Conservatives must advance--ever advancing against the Republicans who have folded in the fight against Obamacare ... 2014 must now be about advancing, ever advancing, even through the ranks of the GOP to have the fights that must be had."

If memory serves, Robert E. Lee thought he was winning the battle of Gettysburg, and by extension, the first round of the Civil War, until about 30 minutes into Pickett's Charge. That's about where I'd put Erik now.

Peter G

You'll notice if you read the commentary that many thank Erick for his leadership and what at least one person called his "erudition". I don't about you but Redstate is one of my favorite right wing comedy sites.


And to continue the Civil War analagy, I'd say Ted Cruz reminds me of another firebrand Texas general -- John Bell Hood. He was all for advancing...Advancing...ADVANCING! He lost the use of an arm at Gettysburg, lost a leg at Chickamauga, lost Atlanta to Sherman, and destroyed his army at Franklin and Nashville. But he was always ADVANCING...just like our beloved Cruz missile.

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