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November 15, 2013


Peter G

Yea. But as near as I can tell quite a lot of what should be the president's base are so angry that a quantum leap to single payer wasn't achieved that they are effectively not only useless but completely counter productive.


Probably right, Peter. And perhaps these folks are secretly wishing for the ACA to fail as well, because they think there would then be no alternative to single payer. Alas, this is not true. The GOP would like for the end result to be a total ACA collapse, with more uninsured people than before it was implemented, and a ballooning federal deficit as a result.


Here is Drum's take on all the ruckus:

"Well, this isn't very exciting, but here's what really happened yesterday. Obama made a short speech and then took questions. It wasn't the high point of his presidency, but virtually no one outside the Beltway thought it was a disaster. It was just another forgettable presidential press conference. The Obamacare website is in deep trouble, but the evidence is pretty clear that it really is getting better, and will continue to get better. Lots of people are suffering from rate shock, but not as many people as Republicans and the press would have you believe. It's early days, and signups will continue to improve as we get closer to the deadline. Insurers are upset with Obama's new fix, but they'll calm down. Their denunciations yesterday were pretty pro forma."

"This is a bleak moment for Obama, but it's not his Iraq or even his Katrina. Within a few months everything will settle down. Republicans have an obvious political motive for stoking panic, but the rest of us should be a little smarter about buying into it. OK?" --

So, Keep Calm. The sky is not falling...the chattering classes just want you think it is.

Peter G

That's my take too shssavage.

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