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December 06, 2013


William Caulfield

I'm coining a new acronym: WTH. It represents Defcon 1 of political rhetoric: "Worse than Hitler!"

The Republicans took their opposition to the ACA to WTH levels very quickly. They only now seem to be learning that there is little room to walk back from that peak and no way to crank it up any further.

Peter G

Indeed Caulfield, the amplifier only went to eleven. And they had it cranked. Where do you go from here once the news cycle moves on and the website functions.


Well I guess they can always spend their days babbling among themselves in the Fox bubble. Everything about the right reeks of cognitive dissonance to me.


The newly enlightened GOP will simply offer "fixes" to O-Care that are, in effect, poison pills. So, puuullleeze, no fixes from the GOP! I'd rather have their honest Cruzade to kill it than their dishonest "concern."

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