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December 07, 2013



Yet another tentacle of the oligarchy's octopus of control over accepted wisdom in this country.


Third-Way is just a rebranding of the Pro-Business Democrats. A group whose allegiance is to Wall Street and the Rich, who caucus and ally with Republicans.

Those are the ones working to steal Social Security and who believe Capital is for the Capitalists and Poverty is for the Poor.

Peter G

Of course, one might ask, what possible use an anti-business Democrat might be and where in the US could such a useless creature be elected? I have often wondered at this. How on earth, in a geographically elected representative democracy could one hope to get elected on a platform of wanting to oppose the local business interests from which local jobs and wealth are derived? It seems to be an article of faith on the left at any rate that if you just put CEOs in jail then you won't need oil or coal or what have you. They, the evil oligarchs, are making you use this stuff. It's just weird.

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