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March 28, 2014


That is exactly the way it is. And not just in the US. Why I think Coates is a problem is because he recognizes only the black part of the problem (how could he not, blacks are so disproportionately affected?). Yet any attempt at a cure must be color blind or the fact that it is not can be used to drive wedges where there should be no seam into which a wedge could be driven. We have similar problems involving aboriginals and poverty.

Paul's exactly right. And proof of this is the subtle sleight of hand the right wing is now pulling.

It USED to be right wing mythology that supply side economics would 'lift all boats'. Give the rich enough money, the right wing said, and they'd create a bountiful country filled with high paying middle class jobs.

We did that. We destroyed labor unions, cut capital gains taxes to the lowest rate in 6 decades and deregulated banks. We got the deepest recession in 80 years and 8 million unemployed while the 1% TRIPLED their incomes.

So how did the right retool their argument? They abandoned any pretense that the middle class can get ahead.

NOW the right wing message is becoming 'yeah, America is unequal. That's just too bad because it won't hurt the country".

So the right's message is not that the middle class can have hope. It's that it sucks to be middle class because we won't do a damn thing about it.

Which Morgan would you suggest starting with on this topic?

"American Slavery, American Freedom."

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