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March 19, 2014



I find it interesting that Sebastopol is a frequent stop for cruise lines and tourism is a major part of the economy in that region. I wonder if and to what degree that will be impacted by all of this.

I know that there are many cruises that include places like St. Petersburg on their itenerary, but I see that as very different.

So not only may it be hard for Russia, particularly considering its current economic crisis, to provide much aid to Crimea, they may lose a major source of income from the tourist trade.

Peter G

That's what I was thinking back when Putin "won" the Crimea. What did he win? Very little in natural resources, some decrepit military and naval bases that can be isolated with ease and must be supplied by sea and a restive population of Ukrainians and Tatars. Lord preserve me from such wins.

At least Hitler has a strategic goal in mind when he used the German ethnic minority as an excuse to appropriate the Sudetenland. That geography was Czechoslovakia's only line of military defense without which they were militarily helpless. This Putin victory looks more like the move of an Argentinian hunta vis-à-vis the Falkland Islands, a distraction from more serious concerns and an attempt to rally support for a shaky government.

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