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April 03, 2014


1.6 million huh? Scandalous. I doubt the Republicans would make much of any anti-Castro program except that it wasn't well enough funded or last long enough. If this one blows up at all it will be the anti-Clinton lefties who drive this bus.


The big questions are obviously if 1) Hillary was in the loop or if it was something a rogue group within the State Department kept it from her.

And 2) If Hillary was in the loop, was this operation approved by President Obama.

Call me a blind supporter of President Obama, but my supposition is "yes" to the first answer and "no" to the second. I've always had an uncomfortable feeling that the State Department under Hillary wasn't totally "in tune" with the President's wishes. During the Arab spring in particular I sensed something was wrong…

Nowadays with John Kerry at the helm, I get the impression that the coordination between State and the Oval is better. Kerry and President Obama are true allies. No power struggle there.

Maybe I'm totally unfair to Hillary; I hope so.

Problem is mainly about process. If the president approved of the operation and if there was notification to Congress. Granted these days notifying Congress means risks to national security because republicans who are briefed on covert operations can't be trusted to keep their mouth shut.
Although in that case I don't see that big a risk on national security...

The chicken shit nature of this operation (stretching the definition of "operation" a bit)leads me to suspect that the level at which such asinine decisions are made would be somewhere near the mailroom level.

Apparently the head of USAID was on Andrea Mitchell's show and said the AP report was full of errors and Congress had been notified.

Pat Leahy certainly hasn't been notified.

What is going on here ??

I'll wait and see for more info.

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