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May 08, 2014


Peter G

Could this be the same fellow who cited scholarly evidence to the contrary about the effectiveness of the bully pulpit? I will let that gentle reproof stand alone and unembellished. Mostly because I find hope in the same things he does. I disagree somewhat about strategy of course. There was no point in engaging too early and I seriously doubt after all their accrued experience that anyone in the White House entertained any illusions about coddling the Republicans into a sensible policy on anything much less immigration. But the battle will soon be engaged and I know who's side I am on even if only from the sidelines.


Just a gentle disagreement. Like Peter, I think you can come on too strong, too early. By the time the elections come around, it is all just a drone in the background.

That being said, for the last two months, Obama has been specifically talking about the GOP being obstructionists and causing a lot of the lakc of progress, and laying the blame firmly at their feet.

Go back to April 1 (I think that was the date, or close to it) when he gave a press conference in the middle of the day (mainly because the networks refused his request for an evening address to the nation) to announce the original numbers of ACA enrollment. He blasted the GOP for trying to take healthcare away from people.

Since then he ahs been at it over and over in regards to infrastructure, climate change, minimum wage, immigration.

He is repeatedly talking about how the majority of Americans want action and how the GOP is blocking it.

And I think he is just getting started.

P.M. Carpenter

The evidence you mention, which I once mentioned, related to the pulpit's (non)effectiveness in jamming bills through Congress. It did not assess its more general influence on public sentiment.

Peter G

You know who desperately hopes that is true and that you are right? Me.

Peter G

Well that was muddy. I know you are right about the evidence you mentioned. I hope it does not extend to anything outside of legislation.

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