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June 25, 2014


I was looking forward to your analysis this morning but first stop had to to be Redstate. Only Ewick Himself has, as yet, tackled this unexpected reversal. And he has rejected the third party way. The commentariat there is not amused. There are strident calls for electoral rule changes to close the primary. Apparently they believe they can do this unilaterally as a quick fix for keeping people they don't like from voting. The belief persists that if they can just hijack the process of selecting candidates everyone who might have voted Republican is obligated to embrace the loony. This is one of the most amazing delusions anyone has ever talked themselves into and the most astounding thing about it is that their disillusionment is chiefly with the sane. The solution to electoral victory? Purge their party of voters who disagree with them.

The subtext is evident to regular inspectors of the Redstate ant farm. Advocating for a third party has long been a reason for banishment from the site (then again, what isn't?) but today the comments so timorously advocating the third way (qualified with maybes) stand undeleted. Next thing you know they will be considering the positive merits of gay marriage.

I love how the party of personal responsibility whines and blames other people when they lose. And apparently McDaniel is not conceding the race.

Check out:

Very interesting. I've always thought there was a deep cultural divide within conservatism.

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