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January 25, 2015


Peter G

As someone pointed out on Twitter, which my wife brought to my attention, Palin made Perry sound like Pericles. That may have been the point in my opinion. However I await Sarah's reply which is doubtless going to be Are Cles like Uggs and where can I get a pair. She is a graduate of of a university communications program. Golly!

Anne J

Well what this says about Sarah Palin is that her star is fading from the political stage, and not soon enough. But what does it say about the republican party that Rick Perry is the best that they saved for last?

Peter G

Well, not to forego a conclusion, but say hello to my little friend, President Hillary Clinton.

Shaun Appleby

And she doesn't even understand why it suddenly changed. She's unfashionable; none of her former fans want to be reminded.

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