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March 04, 2015



Indeed, PM, a scuttling of the Hastert Rule and a coalition of moderate (read conservative) GOPers with Democrats in the House would offer a sane alternative, and help move legislation forward. Boehner tosses the rule whenever it's politically necessary, but doing it officially would come at the cost of his speakership (though God only knows why he wants to hang on to that job). It's been a long time since the behavior of the House GOP caucus resembled sanity, and GOP House members don't get punished by their constituents for gumming up the works, since their constituents don't believe in guvmint much at all.

Peter G

That's a nicely written piece and sums up the situation beautifully at the federal level. But this, I believe, is why our friends on the Republican side have expended so much effort on state offices where the capacity to do mischief is every bit as dangerous. In the hyper competitive race for jobs they are slicing through programs like workers compensation and eroding their tax bases with incentives that are of doubtful utility. And state houses are the farm team of federal politics. This is going to take awhile.


The establishment may not need to declare war on the wingnuts; the wingnuts are about ready to Pearl Harbor the establishment. The vitriol at places like RedState is worse than I've ever seen it. People are talking about taking down "RINO" establishment figures as a top priority, even if it means voting for a Democrat in the general after a primary challenge fails.

If the establishment is exasperated that the wingnuts keep dragging them to the edge of the cliff, the wingnuts feel outraged and betrayed every time the establishment stops them from going over the cliff.

The saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand is about to be put to a severe test.

Peter G

You know what they say, (or will when I'm done with them), Redstate is the rectal thermometer of American conservatism.


Good one. I'm stealing that.

Robert Swartz

As Peter notes, Jeb is gobbling up all the cash, but I surely hope this year the GOP finally goes full Goldwater and nominates one of these fanatics. I think they need that level of disaster to begin to restore the party.


That's a nice fantasy that progressives love to indulge, but let us not forget that the 1964 GOP disaster laid the groundwork for Ronnie Raygun and the resurgence of the right wing-nuts.


Me too....the image has multiple applications across our political landscape.

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