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August 26, 2015


Anne J

He should last into at least the beginning of next year, if he doesn't turn out to be the Roman candle I think he may be. With him, you never know. He could ride this wave of drooling fan boys and girls all the way to the White House or at least the GOP nomination.

Peter G

We all have our inner asshole do we not? Psychologists from Freud on have used different nomenclature but basically that is what it comes down to. In our dreams and fantasies what home truths sacred to ourselves would we not blurt out but for the repercussions we know would follow. "Follow your inclinations with due regard to the policeman round the corner." wrote Somerset Maugham in Of Human Bondage. But his character was speaking figuratively with the policeman as metaphor.

To his hard core supporters Trump is the asshole they wish they could be. Ideology? Policy? What are these things to someone experiencing the pure joy of watching a man be an asshole to everyone to whom they wish they could say the very same things? PM is right when speaks of the minorities among his current supporters disenchanted with the truths that were revealed to them. Some will turn away. But I do not fear mass desertion. For these hard core supporters Trump offers the audacity of hope. He offers the hope that Trump will not just say things to people. He will do them.

Of course he can't but they don't know that.


Trump is the Bulworth of the right. No wonder they love him.

Jon Ponder

As an ex-pat New Yorker, I've been to this rodeo before. Next up: the shtick grows old.

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