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In Sausalito overlooking S.F. Bay with my uncle, Lucky Strike nonfilters and a case of Bud. Those splendid days are long gone.


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August 04, 2015


Peter G

If you're going to tell a lame anecdote it should at least have the virtue of truthfulness. There is no such shirt available from the Jeb campaign store. Nor can I find one anywhere else. Does Jeb know about the internet?

Is Christie washed up? Does that mean that the tides of politics have marooned him on a beach? Not officially perhaps but if I were him I'd give up my run for POTUS and take a run at the office of FLOTUS.


Thank you sir! May I have another?


The Republicans have already crossed the line to pathetic and keep looking for more pathetic lines to cross. The "war on women" has been resurrected in response to an already discredited video. Louisiana Loser Booby ( ) Jindal cut state Medicaid funds for Planned Parenthood 75% yesterday. Last week once-potential-candidate Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the living reincarnation of Cotton Mather's anus, attempted a supporting role by ordering investigations of Planned Parenthood facilities in the state. The Indiana Department of Health found no evidence of illegalities.

Chris Christie would make marijuana use illegal in all the states and bellowed the 1960's golden oldies that pot is a gateway drug and addictive. Both ideas are unproven after 50 years of study. He's probably washed up with the libertarian wing at the very least.

Several others are flogging the undisputed Republican favorite tax reform with renewed ferocity. Paul and Perry want a one-page federal tax form. Cruz and Huckabee want to abolish the Internal Revenue Service. All the rest have various hair-brained schemes to make sure rich people are not inconvenienced and all freight is paid by the bottom 99%. And of course some can't wait to drop more bombs on the Middle East. No pharmaceuticals could make these cookie-cutter clowns interesting.

Frank Moraes

I was very excited to try out my new software, and live blogged it. But by the end of the first candidate (Rick Perry), I had decided I wouldn't go past the first round. It was so painful. You are right that it was boring. It was also annoying. The moderator set it up so that each candidate could just spout talking points for five minutes.

I'm sure that the Fox News debate will be more lively. But I don't think I will live blog it or probably even watch it. I expect the Democratic debates to be substantive. And the general election debates might be interesting. But the Republicans really don't disagree about anything. In the first hour of yesterday's forum, I don't think anyone said anything that any of the others disagreed with. (Maybe something minor that Rand Paul talked about.)

I was also amazed just how much they talked about Planned Parenthood. They really are the worst people in the world. ISIS is in an existential threat to the United States. But the Republican Party may well be.


Frank, this is the only reasonable approach:

Frank Moraes

Ha! I actually mentioned to a commenter that in the past I've blogged debates drunk. I think there is a lot to be said for it. For one thing, it brings me down to their level. For another, it makes it funny. Yesterday, I was angry. And exhausted.

Neon Vincent

That's a good game. I've got more specifically for Trump along with Trump-themed drinks to go with them at my blog.


You are one impressive researcher, Neon Vincent. I regret having missed out on Trump vodka and the opportunity to display a Milton Glaser bottle. There just ain't enough class in the world.

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