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September 28, 2015


Anne J

I know you were looking forward to the Donald lasting as long as he can at the top by being over the top, but what about the likes of Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina, two other political novices, who are also stirring up the most hateful and bigoted of the base? Maybe one of them could go all the way to the nomination?

Peter G

I don't think the human treatment of "illegals" is quite what your average Trump supporter has in mind. They strike me as the more cattle car solution type of folks.


The European, 40 or 8, variety.


Don't count El Trumpo out yet. He's still adding 10k twitter followers a day. To put that in perspective, he's added more followers in the last month than Bush has in total.

Neon Vincent

As long as he isn't buying them. At this stage of the campaign four years ago, Gingrich made a minor laughing stock out of him by doing just that.


Cool, I'm glad I posted I, learned something new. Now I'm hoping someone will do the research to see if Trump is faking.

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